About Me

Having worked in event management since 2007 for institutions like the University of Exeter, I decided, in 2018, to use my passion for this to grow a series of independent events and LMEvents was born.

I have always had sport, training and competing in my life embracing the pain and joy that they bring! I started my sporting journey in swimming and tennis, competing at a national and county level, respectively. Now as a mother of two children training remains part of my life, allowing me to escape and define myself in a way independent of my family.

Organising events which allow people of all abilities, from entry level and those trying to get active and start their sporting journey, to those competing at a more elite level, is something I take great satisfaction in. Sharing the love and passion I have of training and competing with others through fun and well organised events is something I take great pride in. I aim to constantly and continually learn, and being a competitive athlete myself, design my events from the participant’s perspective resulting in safe, enjoyable and memorable races that I would be proud of completing myself.

Whether you are racing to win, or racing to finish, either way race to beat yourself and improve! Anybody, regardless of their fitness level can enjoy my events (well at least once you finish!).

Whatever your personal goals I hope to see you racing with me!